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CLAMP-NET Update: Series page and miscellaneous goods!

CLAMP's official website has been updated with both a short publishing schedule and a main page for Gate 7, which you can see here. (They really waited until the last minute to put it up -- I was crawling through the website's URLs as late as yesterday, and it didn't appear.) With that, we have some interesting news:

① Chapter 1 will be published on the 4th, as we already know. Chapter 2 will be published exactly a month later (with color pages), and Chapter 3 exactly a month after that (with no color pages planned).

Gate 7 and CLAMP will be featured on the February 4th airing of Saki-yomi Jan BANG!, Shueisha's advertising platform monthly highlight of various Jump series. Such immediate publicity!

③ The CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 event will have Gate 7-related merchandise, including the already-advertised event poster and chocolates wrapped with Chikahito/Hana and Tachibana/Sakura illustrations (along with other CLAMP characters). There are hearts and flowers involved.

④ CLAMP-NET uses a color code to designate the sexes/genders of characters: "males" have their names in blue, "females" have their names in pink, and "genderless" characters have their names in yellow. This doesn't exactly indicate the actual genders or sexes of the characters, but rather how CLAMP wants us to think about them (for example, Sumomo, the Amewarashi, and the Zashikiwarashi almost definitely aren't biologically female, but they're listed with pink text; Maru and Moro are always depicted as "girls," but are listed with yellow text). Most of, but not all, of the "non-human" characters are listed with yellow text.

That said, Hana's name is listed with yellow text, so CLAMP doesn't want us to think of her/him/ze as either male or female. For the sake of discussion, what pronouns would you like to use for Hana from this point on?

Much thanks to chibiyuuto and clamp_now for the information, as always!
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